2021-2022 PSR 


PSR registration must be completed by August 20th in order for families to have their books in time for the start of the PSR Calendar.  Please click on the Calendar link above to download the 2021-2022 PSR Calendar.  This includes PSR masses, classes, and important sacramental dates.  PSR will be in-person and students will not be mandated to wear masks, but we encourage mask wearing and we will do our best to maintain social distancing.  If your child has a cold, please keep them home for everyone's safety.

St. Julie Billiart Registration


St. Julie Billiart PSR registration is open to any current Parishioner in grades K-8.  New parishioners with students in grades 2-8 who are not yet confirmed must provide a letter of attendance from their previous PSR Parish and/or Catholic school.  New parishioners who have students behind in sacramental preparation, or who have been absent from religious education for various reasons, will need to meet with the PSR Principal to arrange make up classes and possibly, if needed,  RCIC (Right of Catholic Initiation for Children) classes.  
Step 1: Registration FORM 
for 2021-22


Please click HERE for registering students.  This MUST be completed for EACH CHILD

Registration Ends August 20, 2021

Book orders and supplies will be completed on this date.


Step 2: PAY PSR Registration & Sacramental Fees Online

  • Click on the Non-Sacramental Years to pay fees for  children in non sacramental grades: K,1,3,4,5,6, or 7 and submit payment.

  • Then, if you have students in 2nd and/or 8th grades, click on Registration+Sacramental Fees to pay for children who will be in 2nd or 8th grade this year.


Registration is CLOSED