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  • ​Faithful attendance in PSR program during previous two years  (new parishioners must have a letter of attendance from previous parish).
  • Orientation Meeting for candidates and parents, must have copy of Baptism Certifacate on hand 
  • Students are allowed three excused absences, after that all missed classes must be made up at a scheduled time.
  • All missed lesson work must be made up within one week.
  • Homework is due at the beginning of each class.
  • Students will be required to pass a mid-year test in January, complete all homework assignments, service projects, and successfully complete an interview in order to be eligible for consideration for Confirmation.
  • Overnight Retreat is MANDATORY.  Excused absence of any kind must be approved at least a MONTH in advance, in writing, and  will require a scheduled make up time. 


  • Confirmation is celebrated in the 8th grade
  • Students attend regular PSR classes on Sunday from 9:00 -10:15 am
  • Sponsor must be a Catholic in good standing with a letter from their parish.
  • Sponsor must participate in at least one service project with candidate.
  • Sponsor must be at least 17 years of age and confirmed.
  • Virtual Project Will be Sent to Candidates

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