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Mission Statement

     The goal  and mission of St. Julie Billiart’s Religious Education Program are to provide age-appropriate catechesis for students Kindergarten thru 12th grade using diocesan approved curriculum, to assist the students as they grow in their relationship with Christ through prayer, faith sharing and scripture, to encourage participation at Sunday Mass, to provide instruction for those preparing to receive the Sacraments of First Penance, First Eucharist, and Confirmation, to provide opportunities for service and community building by hosting family events, and to provide students and their families with faith formation support, social events, and service opportunities that will lead students from young adults into faithful, active adults in our parish.

Our Partners in Faith Education:

Parents are the primary teachers of their children in the way of faith. Parents are the living example of Christ. Our role is to supplement what you are doing at home. We are your partners in planting and nurturing the seeds of faith.

PSR Team


Kelly Reed, PSR Principal

  • Oversees all religious education in grades K through 12, including sacramental prep. ​​

David Davis

  • Assistant PSR Principal

Jill Papesch

  • Program Development and Fundraising 

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